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Gift Ideas for Dad Under $50

If your budget is a little bit tight but you still want to get Dad a quality gift that he will love then the $25 to $50 range might be perfect for you! We’ve scoured the web to find the best gifts in this range, so take a look at our list below and find the perfect gifts for Dad under $50!

Gifts for Dad under $50

*Some gift ideas may be below $25 if the retailer is offering a discount.

1. Deep Tissue Massage Balls

This one is for the Dads who are always complaining about their back-ache and chronic back-pain. This stocking stuffer is a massage ball specifically designed for people who are looking for deep tissue massage, myofascial & trigger point release. 

2. Musicozy Sleep Headphones

This bluetooth sleep mask is a great fun tech gift for Dads who love their sleep. They can use the bluetooth audio to listen to podcasts, white noise, or their favorite songs. 

3. Lego Speed Champions Set

Don’t sleep on Lego’s as a gift for Dad. It’ll be a fun challenge for him to assemble these Lego cars and then he’ll be able to proudly display them in his room or at his desk.

4. Mechanix Wear Heavy-Duty Leather Work Gloves

These heavy-duty leather gloves are Dad’s first defense against impact, abrasion, and hand fatigue while he works on projects around the house. The best part is, when he is done, he can simply throw them in the washing machine and clean them with the rest of his laundry. A practical gift that Dad will be sure to put to use.

5. RAK Flashlight & Magnetic Pickup tool

This awesome gadget can serve as a flashlight and a magnetic pickup tool for Dad. The flexible and extendable neck makes a great gadget for Dad to have in the garage.

6. Coffee Gift Basket

For any Dads that love coffee this would be a great gift for them. This Gift basket comes with a double insulated coffee cup, full pot sampler and 5 special coffee blends. 

7. Cozoo Underdesk Headphone Stand & USB Charge

This product will help organize all of Dad’s essentials while he’s gaming or working. It features a headphone holder mount with 3 USB port charging stations, along with a Smart Watch charging stand. The ultimate package for a fair price!

8. Car Vacuum Cleaner

This Car vacuum cleaner with a 16ft cord is great for a Dad who has everything. Now he can keep his car nice and tidy without needing to go to the car wash. 

9. Apple Air Tag

Dad can put his air tag on his bags, keys, wallet, or other items that he is afraid of losing and then can easily find using his Iphone. 

10. Neck, Shoulder and Back Massager

If your Dad has upper back and shoulder aches — this massager was made for him. It comes with heat and 3-speed strength levels, which allows him to get the right amount of pressure on his tense muscles.

11. AstroAI Portable Air Compressor

This portable air compressor is a great gadget for the garage or Dad’s car. With this he can gauge the pressure in his tires and can inflate the tires so he doesn’t have to go to a gas station to fill his tires.

12. Electric Can Opener

This Kitchen Mama electric can opener is an easy solution so Dad can now open cans with a simple push of a button.

13. Flannel Shirts

This collection of fashionable, affordable flannel shirts could just be what your Dad needs to take his style to the next level!

14. Salt and Pepper Shakers

These Sagaform Nature Salt and Peper shakers with oak stoppers are a great addition to Dad’s kitchen.

15. Electric S'mores Maker

Who doesn’t love s’mores! This electric S’mores Maker is great for any Dad who has a sweet tooth.

16. Wi-Fi Range Extender

Is your Dad often complaining that the WiFi only works in certain areas of the house? This convenient WiFi extender will give him better coverage all over the house. Easy to install and set up, this handy gadget will make life a whole lot easier when it comes to staying connected.

17. Outdoor Motion Sensor Solar Lights

These cordless outdoor solar lights are a cool useful gift that Dad can easily install and can help brighten up areas around the house.

18. GUNNAR Blue Light Glasses

If Dad spends lots of time in front of the computer at work it can be very strenuous on his eyes. Blue Light glasses make for a very practical gift that Dad will certainly use at the office or when he’s working from home.

19. Nautica Classic for Men

Spice up Dad’s cologne collection with this set of 2 amazing scents of Nautica Men’s Classic Cologne. It’ll fit right into the stocking! 

20. Universal Remote Control

Is your Dad always losing the remote? Put an end to that forever with this universal controller! This remote goes far beyond flicking through channels, and it can control nearly any device in the home. Lights, television, even air conditioner can be controlled with one app. Dad will never have to worry about losing his remote again… unless he loses his phone.

21. Pet Water Fountain

This smart pump pet water fountain is a fun gift that will help Dad better take care of his Dog, Cat, or any other mysterious pet he has in the house. If Dad is a cat Dad or a dog Dad this is an awesome gift.

22. Alexa Light Bulbs

For the Dad with an Alexa-controlled home, this six pack of ultra-bright, dimmable, high energy efficiency smart bulbs would make a perfect (and practical) present! With a simple voice command, Dad can raise, lower, or turn off any of the lights in his home. The lights connect to Alexa devices via bluetooth and don’t require any setup beyond screwing them into the socket and connecting Alexa.

23. Grill Sergeant Gloves

If your Dad likes to get hands-on with barbecuing and grilling then these oil and heat resistant gloves are a perfect gift for him. These gloves provide hand and forearm protection keeping your Dad’s hands free from damage.

24. Golf Whiskey Glasses

This golf themed whiskey set is the perfect gift so Dad can enjoy a drink after a long day on the course!

25. Wood Phone Docking Station

A great caddy for Dad’s desk or night stand! This wood docking station can hold Dad’s phone and his other small belongings so he can stay neat and organized.

Did you find the perfect present?

If $25 to $50 was the price you were looking to spend on a gift for Dad then any gift from this guide might be exactly what you were looking for. 

If you think you might want to spend a little bit more consider checking out our guide on Gifts for Dad $50 to $75 or the Dad section of ParentPresents where we have countless lists by price and by Dad’s interests. If you are looking to spend a little bit less check out our list of gifts for Dad under $25. 


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