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25 Awesome Gift Ideas for Dad $100 to $150

If you want to spend between $100 and $150 on a gift for Dad then this list is just for you! We’ve handpicked 25 awesome, practical, reasonable gifts for Dad that cost between $100 to $150.

Whether it’s Dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, or another special occasion, here are some great gift ideas if you are looking to spend over $100 but less than $150.

25 Gifts for Dad $100 to $150

 *Some gift ideas on this list may be below $100 if the retailer is offering a discount!

1. Grillbot Automatic Cleaning Robot

The grillbot robot cleaner does all the work on Dad’s grill so he doesn’t have to! Dad can enjoy a fresh home grilled meal with all his friends while the robot gets to work, making it the perfect gift to save him time and effort!

2. 4T7 Smart Cutting Board

This smart cutting board is completely waterproof and comes with a defrosting tray that d doubles as a baking sheet in the oven. It has a built in scale, timer, and a stand that allows the board to dry evenly on both sides. Lastly there is a magnetic top to hold Mom and Dad’s utensils making a very effective and practical present.

3. Mini Bluetooth Movie Projector

This projector makes movie nights outside so EASY. All Dad need are their phones to set the movie up and voila! A fun convenient way to bring movie night anywhere!

4. Fossil Watch

Add to your father’s watch collection from Fossil. This watch has a slim and clean style that will look great on Dad when he is headed to work. You could even customize the watch with a complimentary engraving from a participating local Fossil store to make it more personalized!

5. Temperature Control Smart Mug

This smart thermos mug is the perfect solution for Dad who loves to have a warm cup of coffee. This mug connects to an app on Dad’s smart phone and has temperature adjustment features along with a 4-8 hours charge span which will keep Dad’s coffee the perfect temperature from the first sip to the last drop.

6. Electric Leaf Blower

This electric leaf blower is lightweight and easy to hold. Plus it is electric so all Dad needs to do is charge up the battery and he will be ready to remove debris from the lawn or patio. 

7. Vintage Leather Crossbody Bag

Made of Italian leather, this innovative bag is fit with specialty back panels and straps for comfortable wearing. A great backpack that pairs well with business casual attire so Dad can look stylish going into the office.

8. KBEST Gaming Chair

When Dad sits for a long period of time, having a comfy chair not only makes his time more pleasant but also protects him from developing bad posture. The KBEST Massage Gaming Chair offers retractable padded footrest, 360° swivel base, smooth rollers, adjustable armrests, and back reclining angles that make it a great gaming and working chair!

9. 64oz Beer Growler

This stainless steel beer growler is perfect for tailgates, the beach, or any occasion where Dad needs to bring beer! It will keep Dad’s beer cold and dispenses it for great pours like he’s at the bar.

10. NOCO Portable Car Battery Booster Pack

Get Dad this car booster so next time he needs a jump start he won’t need another car. He can easily pull out his battery pack and jump his own car!

11. Perfect Practice Putting Mat

The Perfect Practice Putting Mat is a great accessory for Dad’s office, living room, or mancave. This top-tier putting mat will help Dad develop a better putting stroke without needing to spend hours at the putting green.

12. Manscaped Luxury Shaving Package

The Manscaped Luxury package comes with a nail kit, crop preserver, deodorant, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, and a toiletry bag.  

13. OluKai Men's 2-in-1 Cotton Slipper Shoes

High-quality cotton slippers made for every day use. The 2-in-1 shoe & slide technology are designed so Dad can fold the heel down and wear these as either a shoe or a slipper.

14. UNTUCKit Wrinkle-Free Performance Shirt

Upgrade’s Dad’s style with this UNTUCKit wrinkle-free performance shirt. These high-quality shirts specifically designed to be worn untucked are great for work, dinners, or any occasions where Dad needs to be business casual.

15. Smart Nightstand or End Table

Your Dad is sure to love this sleek, modern smart table which makes a perfect nightstand or side table! Featuring a wireless charging station, LED lights, bluetooth speaker and two storage drawers! Available in white and black, this table has a modern look with modern amenities.

16. Earth Ultimate Fishing Chair

The Earth Ultimate Position Outdoor Chair can adjust to four positions with new adjustable front legs for your Dad’s comfort. This is the ultimate chair for any fishing-obsessed Dad. It has a built-in pillow for head support and a rod holder so he can relax while he waits for a bite!

17. Smart Electric Curtain Motor

Help Dad make his life more quick and efficient with this electric motor for curtains. Not only perfect for engineers but for Dads that also love their home technology. 

18. DryGuy Bundle set

The Dry Guy bundle set is great for Dad’s that love to ski or spend time in the snow. Now he can easily take off his wet boots, jackets, and dry them off by the door. 

19. Worky Portable Work Station

This Worky Briefcase serves as a portable work station that is great for any Dad that does remote work. It sets up on any flat surface and comes with an LED video conference light, magnetic dry erase whiteboard, stationary organizer, a tablet slot, secure laptop holder, a charging station with 2 plugs, a USB and USBC port, and compartments to store files, folders, and pens.

20. FitBit Charge 5

Walking is an essential part of taking care of one’s body. Make it easy for your Dad to keep track of his activity by gifting him a FitBit. The FitBit tracks steps, miles and activity habits ensuring that he is being active every day!

21. Ninja Blender & Smoothie Maker

If you’re looking for an impressive blender but don’t want to shell out some serious dough for a Vitamix, this Ninja BL660 is a solid option! The 34 ounce pitcher can accommodate large batches, and the blender comes with two to-go cups, perfect for a Dad always on the go!

22. Premium Nappa Cushion Protector

Make Dad’s old car feel new and improve his style and comfort with these awesome car seat covers. You can select from several different colors to find one that matches Dad’s car.

23. Keurig Classic Coffee Maker

Perfect for a coffee lover, this classic Keurig allows Dad to brew 6 plus cups of coffee before having to refill. With this Keurig Dad can easily make the coffee he needs to get his morning jolt.

24. FootJoy Golf Shoes

If your Dad likes to golf then a fresh pair of golf shoes always makes a great gift. These FootJoy traditional golf shoes will give Dad great grip on the golf course as well.

25. Oakley Sunglasses

These Oakley Sunglasses will help Dad look stylish while protecting his eyes from the sun. Great if Dad likes cycling, hiking, golfing, driving, or just a day in the sun.

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