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9 Funky Findings Gen Z Holiday Shopping 2022

The Holidays are Over!

A fun holiday season it was! In the first season at ParentPresents we had much more success than we anticipated!

Attracting roughly 115,00 website visitors and growing our Instagram (@parentpresents) from 400 followers to over 3300 followers. We are so grateful for all the love and support we received!  

To continue to improve and better understand the Gen Z audience and their shopping habits we decided to conduct some polls on our Instagram Story about Gen Z Holiday Shopping

Since we had some funky findings we figured they might be fun to share!

The Data's Not Perfect

Before we get into the exact findings we just want to point out that the data is not perfect!

We consider our audience to be Gen Z and our findings to be primarily Gen Z. BUT we have followers outside of the Gen Z demographic and there is no way of really knowing that everyone who voted in the poll was of Gen Z. 

Below is a breakdown of the age demographics of our Instagram followers as of December 30th, 2022.

Instagram Followers Age Breakdown

Another thing to note is that the sample size is not huge. The respondents range from 99 to 150 participants. Enough to draw some insight, but not enough to really make generalizations about the Gen Z population as a whole.

9 Funky Findings - Gen Z Holiday
Shopping 2022

Most of the data below comes from a series of Instagram stories posted on our Instagram account (@parentpresents) on December 27th. One of the findings comes from a poll we ran on Dec 23rd and another comes from our Amazon Affiliates dashboard.

1. Gen Z Splurged on their Parents

The most expensive gift you bought this year was for:

82 people said a parent was the person that they gave their most expensive gift to this year. 67 people said other.

Gen Z may have been spoiled by their parents growing up, but this year Gen Z decided to spoil their parents back! 55% of survey participants said that the most expensive gift that they bought this year was for a parent.

2. About 50% of Siblings Collaborate

If you have siblings did you:

For people with siblings, 61 said they chip in together to get their parents presents. 71 said they each buy separate presents for their parents

Moes or Chipotle? Cats or Dogs? How about “Chip in” or “Buy Separate” as a new icebreaker! 

It’s a pretty close to even split (46% vs. 54%) among Gen Z whether or not they collaborate with their siblings on holiday gifting for Mom and Dad.

3. Mom and Dad Get their Own Presents

Did you buy:

When it came to buying gift for parents 121 people said they bought a present for Mom and a present for Dad versus just 23 saying they bought one joint gift for both of them

Gen Z sees Mom and Dad unique for who they are and their gifting habits show that! 

When it came to buying gift for parents 84% said they bought a present for Mom and a present for Dad versus just 16% saying they bought one joint gift for both of them.


4. Kitchen & Dining Wins!

The top 10 gift types that Gen Z likes to buy their parents:

Top 10 most popular types of gifts that Gen Z bought their parents

Based on the total quantity of items orders from our Amazon Affiliate links, these are the top 10 types of gift that Gen Z bought!

Kitchen and Dining items led the way representing roughly 16% of all items ordered. Followed by Home, Health & Household, and Clothing & Accessories. 

A signal that maybe Gen Z likes to give practical gifts to their parents. 

Also to note that the old “get Dad a screwdriver” stereotype might be dead! Power & Hand Tools only represented about 3% of the total items ordered on Amazon through our links!


5. Dad is Harder to Shop for than Mom

Who is harder to find a gift for?

91 People said Dad is harder to find a gift for then Mom. 59 people said Mom.

The debate is settled! Although pretty close 61% of Gen Z find Dad harder to find a gift for. Good thing you know now! 

We have tons of lists just for gift ideas for Dads so you can find giftspiration next time you need to buy Dad a present.

6. Retail Shopping is NOT Dead

Did you do most of your holiday shopping:

When asked if they did most of their holiday shopping online or in store 77 said online while 64 said in person.

Gen Z may seem like the generation that likes to sit behind their smart phones and scroll social media but a good amount that participated in our poll (45%) were out and about holiday shopping this year! 

It’s no surprise that this generation was excited to be out and about after being cooped up during the pandemic. This desire to get out and about started early this year, as Gen Z and Millennials crowded malls on Black Friday, treating the day as a holiday. 

7. Last Minute Shopper Syndrome

Dec 23rd: Have you done your Xmas shopping yet?

On Dec 23rd we asked if they did their Christmas Shopping yet. 67 people said yes versus 32 people who said no.

This data comes from an Instagram story we put out on Dec 23rd asking if they have done their Christmas shopping yet.

Gen Z procrastinates! About one-third had not done their Christmas shopping just 2 days before Christmas. 

Guess all those targeted social media ads didn’t sway Gen Z! Christmas Eve was a big day for them to pick up last minute gifts. 

8. Opportunity for Businesses after Christmas

Dec 27th: Will you be buying anyone Xmas presents this week?

When asked on Dec 27 if they would still be buying anyone xmas presents this week 44 people said yes versus 84 people who said no.

A portion of Gen Z (34%) actually waited till after the holiday to do Christmas shopping!

If you’re a business trying to reach Gen Z then take notes! They are still buying gifts in the week after Christmas.

9. ParentPresents Helped Some!

Did you get giftspiration from

When asked if they found giftspiration from 43 people said yes versus 76 who said no.

36% of people that voted in our Instagram poll said that we helped them find giftspiration! 

We are so happy that we could help people find the perfect presents for their parents in our first holiday season!

Whenever you need giftspiration you can always come to and we will have ideas for you.


We are really excited about these 9 Funky Findings on Gen Z Holiday Shopping as they will help us continue to understand our audience and optimize our website so it can best serve you guys with your parent gifting needs!

The responses ranged from 99 to 150 participants so take all this data with a grain a salt.

We really appreciate everyone who participated in our Instagram polls and who supported us this holiday season!

Cheers to a great 2022 Holiday Season and cheers to a great 2023!

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