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5 Pro Tips on buying a Present for Mom

5 Pro Tips on Buying a Present for Mom

Shopping for Mom can be tough. Here are 5 pro tips to help you find the perfect present for Mom that will make her feel extra special.

1. Put in effort

If Mom feels like you gave it 100% when it came to getting her a present she is going to love it.

2. Be Thoughtful

Try to give Mom a present that is going to evoke some positive emotions. 

Take her back to the past 

Any present that takes Mom back to the past is a homerun. The past could be when you were a little kid, when she was a little kid, or even just a few years ago. Any present that can help her relive past memories is going to bring out emotions and further show that you were thoughtful and put in effort.

Top it off with a handwritten card

Writing a heartfelt handwritten card is the absolute best thing you could give Mom with any present. If you express your love and appreciation in a handwritten card, you could give her a box of coal and she would love it. 

I bet you she saves the card too 😉

Handwritten Card

3. Get her something she will use

You don’t want to give a present that will sit in the closet forever.

Quality matters

Part of getting her something useful is getting her something of decent quality. If it is going to break or get ruined after 1 or 2 uses then it’s not a worthy present.

Do NOT get Mom a Gift Card

A gift card screams to Mom “ I couldn’t think of anything”. It shows a lack of effort and Mom will notice. 

The only time it would be OK to get a gift card is if it was for a meal or experience that the two of you could do together. Then you need to include a handwritten note stating the purpose of the Gift Card. 

4. Everyone likes a surprise

Nothing is more exciting than not knowing what someone buys for you.

She should not see it coming

It says that you put thought into buying for them and didn’t just buy the first thing you could think of.


Image of girl surprised

Give her the present a day early

Try giving Mom the present a day early. This element of surprise will excite her and show that you didn’t wait till the last minute to buy her a gift. It also shows her that you are excited to give it to her which will make her even more excited to open it.

5. Stay within budget

Mom would rather have her child be safe and happy than any present you could give her.

Mom is still looking out for you

Mom probably has a decent idea of what your financial situation is and what you can afford. If overspending on a present would put you in an uncomfortable position it would put Mom in a very uncomfortable position. 

Whether you have a low budget, medium budget, or no budget we have some present ideas for you!


If you follow these 5 pro-tips you will make Mom feel extra special the next time you give her a gift. 

You can find all the Giftspiration that you need for Mom right here on! Check out the Mom section and find the perfect present. 


  1.  Put in Effort
  2.  Be Thoughtful
  3.  Get her something she will use
  4.  Everyone likes a surprise
  5.  Stay within budget 

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